Meet our Team

The Spy Ninjas are a team of YouTubers on a quest to stop Project Zorgo, an evil organization of hackers, from taking control of YouTube and the internet. The Spy Ninjas combine martial arts, stealth, detective work, and hacking to uncover Project Zorgo’s secret plans and prevent the hacker group’s missions. The team of best friends document their daily adventures, battles, games and challenges via five YouTube videos every week. The Spy Ninjas value bravery, loyalty and honesty above all.

The Spy Ninjas are helped by millions of viewers across the world who carefully investigate hacker activity by watching each video closely for clues and using the Spy Ninja Network mobile app. From their homes, those Spy Ninjas viewers alert Chad, Vy, Daniel and Regina of any potential danger by commenting on the videos.


Chad Wild Clay is co-founder of the Spy Ninjas, who uses his martial arts to defend himself and his friends from dangerous hackers. Alongside his wife, Vy Qwaint, Chad has defeated countless hackers with strength, speed and smarts. Chad gained his skills with ninja gadgets by chopping fruit and sodas. Like his favorite superhero, Spider-Man, Chad fights evil while promoting kindness, self-defense and finding humor and fun in any situation. Alongside his fellow Spy Ninjas, Chad completes dangerous missions with the help of his more than 11 million YouTube subscribers.

  • Favorite food: Tacos
  • Favorite gadget: Nunchucks
  • Favorite ninja move: Tornado kick
  • From: Minnesota

Vy Qwaint is co-founder of the Spy Ninjas, who uses her bravery and stealth to investigate evil plans, gather vital clues, and rescue anyone in danger. As the tiniest Spy Ninja, Vy can go undetected, hiding in the smallest of spaces. Alongside her husband, Chad Wild Clay, Vy also uses martial arts skills to defeat hackers. Resourceful Vy can build gadgets out of common household items and is a lock-picking expert. Although she can’t swim and has a fear of water, the spiciest Spy Ninja has tricked Project Zorgo countless times with the support of her more than 7 million YouTube subscribers.

  • Favorite food: Hot Cheetos
  • Favorite gadget: Lock-picking kit
  • Favorite ninja move: Backpack Attack
  • From: Minnesota

Daniel is a former Project Zorgo hacker who quit the evil organization to join the Spy Ninjas. The overly confident technology expert, formerly known as PZ1, uses his gadget watch, drone and hacking skills to monitor Project Zorgo’s activity and to thwart their missions. He is a self-proclaimed “expert” on many things including lie-detecting and baseball. The hacker organization erased Daniel’s memory of his past, preventing him from reconnecting with his family. The musician, Daniel uses his keen sense of taste to investigate evidence, even when it’s completely unnecessary.

  • Favorite food: Footlong subs
  • Favorite gadget: Gadget watch
  • Favorite ninja move: Best mates boom kick
  • From: New Jersey

Regina is a former Project Zorgo hacker who left to join the Spy Ninjas. The expert hacker, formerly known as PZ4, is also a master of disguise. Her ability to go deep undercover, combined with her inside knowledge of Project Zorgo has helped the Spy Ninjas defeat hackers on dangerous missions. The clumsy and dramatic Regina is also on a quest to learn her true past and to find her family after getting her memory erased as a Project Zorgo member. She has successfully uncovered that her brother is Mevin, also known as PZ9. Regina relaxes by watching TikTok challenges with her stuffed animal friends Mr. Bear, Mr. Squiggles, and Peter Samuels.

  • Favorite food: Chicken nuggets
  • Favorite gadget: Reggie’s racer
  • Favorite ninja move: Crab walk
  • From: California

Melvin is a former Project Zorgo hacker, whose values of clout, fame and friendship led him to join the Spy Ninjas. Formerly known as PZ9 The Best Fighter, Melvin uses his advanced martial arts skills to take down oncoming hackers. Melvin loudly wants to be the most popular YouTuber, without having to follow anyone’s rules. He’s formed a bond with the Spy Ninjas, joining a band with his watch-wearing bro Daniel and his foe-turned-friend Chad. He’s also discovered he’s Regina’s brother, gaining her trust in the process. Melvin also is unaware of his past or family after getting his memory erased by Project Zorgo. His weakness is a fear of peeing his pants and spiders.

  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Favorite gadget: Bo staff
  • Favorite ninja move: Butterfly kick
  • From: Nevada