Legacy Spy Ninjas

We are the Spy Ninjas, a team of YouTubers on a mission to save the internet from the evil hacker organization, Project Zorgo. By combining martial arts, detective work and stealth, we uncover the PZ hackers’ nefarious plans, and stop them from taking over YouTube channels and social media across the globe. Our adventures, missions, games and challenges are uploaded on YouTube every day of the week! Bravery, loyalty and honesty are the tenets that unite us in our battle to keep the internet free from the likes of Project Zorgo.

Daniel Gizmo


New Jersey


October 15



Became a Spy Ninja

The day he used his Lie Detector skills and learned Chad & Vy are good honest people.


Daniel Gizmo is a former member of Project Zorgo, who quit the organization to join forces with the Spy Ninjas. He is an expert in a wide array of subjects, from lie-detecting all the way to baseball. Daniel’s real forte is anything related to gadgets and technology, hence the name “Gizmo”. Using his drones, smartwatches and other high-tech tracking devices, Daniel spies on Project Zorgo hackers and uncovers vital information about their next moves. There is nowhere hackers can go to stay hidden from Daniel’s state-of-the-art surveillance!


Martial Arts/Fighting
5 / 10
6 / 10
7 / 10
Hacking Skills
9 / 10

Fun Facts

Hacking Skills
Favorite Food

Footlong Subs

Hacking Skills
Favorite Gadget

Handy Dandy Daniel Gizmo Drone

Hacking Skills
Favorite Ninja Moves

Best Mates Boom Kick & Spinning Arm Throw

Hacking Skills

PZ1, The Gross Spy Ninja, The Tech Guy