Become a true Spy Ninja by joining the action! Help us save the internet from Project Zorgo by gathering clues, alerting us to hacker activity, collecting special items, defending the safehouse, and more.


Join us in Roblox! We’ve discovered Project Zorgo’s very own server, and we need your help keeping Roblox safe from evil hackers. We’ve managed to hack our way in, but we can’t do it alone! You’ll be able to discover clues, learn new skills, and power up with awesome special items. New updates, features, and content will be added regularly as we work together to uncover their sinister plans and put a stop to their nefarious ways.

Thanks to your hard work and great defense of the Safehouse, we have uncovered the Master Terminal responsible for the forcefield between us and the Park! Let’s take it down and set up our new area: Desert Breeze Park.

  • New Desert Breeze Card Packs! Unlocked in the Park Area Only!
  • New, Upgradeable FLIP SMASH ATTACK!
  • New Defense Arena
  • New Exploding Enemies
  • and More!
  • New Arena type
  • Soccer
  • Mini-Games
  • and More!

Spy Ninja Network App

Join the SPY NINJA NETWORK to help Chad Wild Clay & Vy Qwaint defeat Project Zorgo! Play with 10+ Spy Ninja tools, collect Ninja Gadgets to battle in Operation X, and collect Spy Ninja Badges to show off on the weekly Top Scores.

These mini-games help the fight against Project Zorgo!

  • *NEW* SERVER ASSAULT: Defend Spy Ninja Servers!
  • HACKER BLASTER: Ready, aim, blast all Hackers!
  • BLACK PYRAMID CLIMBER: Get the Spy Ninjas high up!
  • CIRCUIT DASH: Find your way through the circuit!
  • CYBER BLOCK: Fend off Hackers!
  • HACK PROJECT ZORGO: Build circuits to Zorgo computers!
  • DESTROY THE VIRUS: Blast Project Zorgo viruses!
  • MIND SHIELD: Train your Spy Ninja mind.
  • GADGET MASTER: Know your Spy Ninja gadgets.
  • HACKER MASK SMASH: Smash Hacker Masks!
  • ZORGO RUSH: Use the Spy Ball to collect intel!
  • SPY BALL BLAST: Blast Hackers with the right frequency.