#1 most viewed YouTube story-driven media franchise.


million subscribers.


million new views each month.


million views within the first hour of upload.

Spy Ninjas is an episodic media franchise about a group of five YouTuber friends who are on a mission to save the internet from an evil shadow network of hackers. Combining problem solving skills, detective work, martial arts and hacking, Spy Ninjas captures the imagination of its fans with new videos each week across all of their YouTube channels. Full of mystery, intrigue and suspense, the show brings fans into the StoryVerse and includes them all of the action.

Featuring Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo, Melvin PZ9 and Regina Ginera, Spy Ninjas has quickly grown to become a mainstay of story-driven entertainment on the web. The show’s engaging action, lovable characters and authentic nature all result in a media franchise that is the next revolution in digital storytelling. Fans tune in to become a part of the action by finding clues hidden in episodes that help the Spy Ninjas work together to defeat Project Zorgo, the organization of evil hackers that is their nemesis.

Across all of the Spy Ninjas’ YouTube channels, they boast incredible viewing and subscriber metrics. With over 15 billion total views and 350 million new views each month, the total Spy Ninjas fan base has grown to over 44 million subscribers. New videos routinely generate over 1 million views and 10,000 comments within the first hour after upload. This consistency has made Spy Ninjas invaluable to partners in the merchandise, toy, video game and app spaces.

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